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Get to know the 7th Generation of kids from Guilford CT's Family Business, Bishop's Orchards Farm Market & Winery, as they pave their philanthropic paths. 


To empower children like us to make a difference, by providing necessary opportunities to give back to their community, enhancing their own charitable path.


By partnering with Bishop's Orchards, together we are making the change we wish to see, with multiple events a year giving our community a chance to donate, and kids the opportunity to get involved more. 


With the help of the Town of Guilford, and shoreline organizations, the outreach and potential to really make a significant difference, both in charitable acts and child awareness, is at its max.  


The goal of Roots 4 Relief is to empower children, and others, to make a difference in their community and beyond. We want children to know that real change can start with them, and that helping others is a priority in life. Children are far more impressionable at a younger age. Everything we do is for them, and everything that we do is instilled in them. In order for us to plan our future, we need to plan theirs. We need to be thankful, so that they are thankful.  We need to be kind, so they are kind.  We need to love and give back to each other so they do. 

Together with parents, the community, and support of local businesses, children have an amazing platform to make the change that they envision. Roots 4 Relief is their ship to steer. It will be theirs to control from day one, until they can eventually pass the torch to their own children. 

Simply making a monetary contribution, while noble and always needed, doesn’t seem to resonate with children. However, getting them involved in a cause, allowing them to contribute their time and compassion, instills a life lesson of charity. Together we can help younger generations understand the importance of the broader picture, seeing past their everyday life issues. Allowing them to see that everyone does not have the same luxuries, same opportunities, or same good fortune is so important to their development of their own philanthropic well-being. As parents, we owe it to our children to continually teach them. To let them voice their own concerns, and teach them ways to make a difference.

It is our hope that the community, will continue to take the opportunity to help teach others about the true meaning of community. Let's come together to make this organization one of the top giving charities in the area. We are just getting started, so come join us.

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